CPCS - Monks Training Services
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Construction Plant Competence Scheme

Monks Training Services are a CPCS/ NOCN Job Card Accredited Testing & Training Centre. We offer Training, Testing and Certification within the CPCS scheme, at our purpose built training centre & grounds.

Further Scheme Information

CPCS Red Trained Operator Card


Valid for 2 years


Gained by achieving CPCS Theory & Practical Test

CPCS Blue Competent Operator Card


Valid for 5 years


Gained by achieving NVQ (category specific)

CPCS Scheme Information- http://www.nocnjobcards.org/CPCS/cpcs-scheme-information/

Are you a Novice?- Use this link to learn How to Gain your Red Trained Operator 

Do you need to Upgrade to your Blue Competent Operator Card? -Use this link-

Do you need to Renew your Blue Competent Operator Card? -Use this link- 


A10- Excavator 180 Below 5T

A12- Excavator 180 Above 5T

A14- Rough Terrain Masted Forklift

A21- Wheeled Loading Shovel

A22- Tracked Loading Shovel

A23- Skid Steer Loader

A25- MEWP- Scissor

A26- MEWP- Boom

A33- Agricultural Tractor

A34- Crawler- Tractor/ Dozer

A36- Lorry Loader

A49- Loader Securer- non STGO

A56- Dumper Truck Articulated Chassis

A57- Dump Truck- Rigid Chassis

A73- Plant and Vehicle Marshaller