CABWI Accredited SLG Sign, Lighting & Guarding - Monks Training Services
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CABWI Accredited SLG Sign, Lighting & Guarding

CABWI Accredited SLG Sign, Lighting & Guarding

0800 – 1600

  • 2nd July 2024
  • 14th August 2024
  • 2nd October 2024
  • 8th November 2024

Please call 01772623017 or email

Course Overview

The candidate will be able to survey the work site to put in place suitable provision for the site location requirements, ensuring the safe passage of pedestrians and site personnel, the safety of vehicular traffic, provision for any special needs, including cyclists and horse riders, and provision for vehicles and plant in the working area. 

They will be able to put in place suitable equipment to protect pedestrians, vehicular traffic and site personnel, and will be able to provide and control portable traffic signals and Stop/Go traffic control in line with site location requirements and traffic conditions.