ISO9001 quality management rating - Monks Training Services
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ISO9001 quality management rating

ISO9001 quality management rating

We can finally announce that we have been awarded ISO9001 quality management rating.


The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is the sole body appointed by
the UK Government (the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial
Strategy) to provide accreditation to certification bodies in the UK. This
accreditation is considered to be the ‘gold standard’ in the certification of
ISO standards and the only way that an organisation can use the coveted
Government-backed national accreditation symbol – commonly referred to as
the “UKAS Crown and Tick”.
UKAS is able to provide a variety of accreditations,
however, our accreditation as a certification body is
for ISO 17021-1:2015. In the same way that
certification bodies assess organisations against
standards, such as those listed above, UKAS assesses
certification bodies against ISO 17021-1:2015. This
standard ensures that we are competent for the
management systems we assess.
This requires that we operate within a strictly
controlled regime and we are subject to detailed
annual audits. The process is rigorous and this
“seal of approval” from UKAS is highly valued and
adds significantly to the credibility of British
Assessment Bureau as a certification body.
We are proud to be able to display the UKAS mark, or logo, sometimes referred
to as the Crown and Tick, alongside our own.

Another fantastic achievement that we are proud of this year.

Congratulations everyone for your ongoing hard work!