Monks Training Services Ltd – The Newest Apprenticeship Provider - Monks Training Services
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Monks Training Services Ltd – The Newest Apprenticeship Provider

Monks Training Services Ltd – The Newest Apprenticeship Provider


National Apprenticeship Week has started with a bang for Fox Group as Monks Training Services Ltd, part of Fox Group, has been successful in gaining their place on the Apprenticeship register as a provider.

The theme for this year’s National Apprenticeship Week is ‘Skills for Life’, and all at Fox Group are committed to training and upskilling apprentices to help them achieve skills they can keep for life. We understand the importance of apprenticeships and by Monks Training Services Ltd becoming a provider, are dedicated to upskilling the future generation of work.

Monks Training Services Ltd have initially been approved to provide an 18-month apprenticeship programme for Groundworkers for John Reilly Civil Engineering Ltd.

This programme will cover all the skills and knowledge the apprentices will need to start their careers in the civil engineering sector.

Chris Monks, Managing Director, said “We are working closely with Reilly’s to ensure we design and deliver a good quality programme that will not only gain their qualification but give them real life examples and scenarios in the sector through our trainers who have all come from a construction background.

Our future plans are to build our apprenticeship centre to look at delivering good quality Plant Operative, Highways and HGV programmes encompassing not only a qualification but invaluable examples and scenarios from trainers in the sectors to start people’s carers in Construction and Transport roles.”

For more information on the courses and opportunities that Monks Training Services have to offer, contact:, or call: 01772 623017